Thursday, 5 January 2012

The story so far

I have been away from Ridgeway Cottage for a little while whilst I set sail on a new adventure in the land of diet blogs. Unlike craft it is not so easy to find yourself a comfortable and cosy place. I quite like the notion of thinspiration until I discovered it's darker association with eating disorders and the dangerous world of Ana and Mia. As a dancer, there has always been a slightly altered relationship with my weight and I would rather be slender than overweight, superficial as that is. However even in my desperate state to try anything in order to wear a leotard again and return to ballet, even I realise that a 30 day fast surviving simply on water is crazy and not a New Year Detox programme. The reason behind the weight gain is rather sorry story and far to gruesome for Ridgeway Cottage.

So I've been over at 3fatchicks all week, making a pretty good start with my blog, Back to ballet and beyond. Please don't feel obliged to visit, as it has little artistic merit and portrays me as a complete calorie / pound / exercise obsessed bore but if you are a dear friend and want to see me back in that leotard, some encouraging words wouldn't go a miss and would be gratefully received. My life feels like it's been on hold since I lost Jack and it's time to grab it back.

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