Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Craft Ban

There has been a distinct lack of crafting going on since the December Christmas craft a day postings , however this is not due to over doing it on the craft front and needing a bit of a rest. Of course my challenge to lose some weight is taking up some of my crafting time but the main reason is that I have enforced a craft ban on myself. Last year the zip in my favourite pair of boots broke and if I didn't ban myself from all other projects, I feared that I would never get around to fixing it. It is no easy task either and requires triple stitching on each side by hand through leather. It certainly is tough on the fingers although I do love wearing my Grandmother's silver thimble.

I've even given up my daily fix of Pinterest, craft blogs and Flipboard. It was all going very well. I collected a book called Indie Craft from the library and hadn't even flicked through until last night when I had a headache and went for a little lie down before the gym. Big mistake! It is crammed full of inspirational textile artists including the crayon sculptress, Diem Chau. Until last night I was not aware of her embroidered porcelain and now the flood gates of creativity have been flung open and it is very difficult to focus on finishing the zip repair when there is vintage tea cups just waiting to be embellished with embroidery.

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