Monday, 14 April 2014


It's been quite a busy morning so far and it's only shortly after 9am. I never dreamt I would be so domesticated when I was younger. I used to watch my mum busying around with her home making and wonder whether there wasn't a million things she'd rather be doing. "I'm going to work when I'm older," I'd think to myself, "you won't find me tidied to the kitchen sink!"

It's funny how we change our opinions as we grow up. I'd much rather stay at home than go to work any day and there a quite a few things that I observed my mum doing that I quite enjoy. For example I love cleaning the windows, especially on bright spring mornings purely to see the grime removed and the sunlight streaming in. (I might do that later).

So far today I've walked Sherlock, taken him to the allotment to water the kale I planted last night, checked and watered all the seedlings in the garden, put on a load of laundry, made some bread dough for our picnic rolls later, juiced some homegrown rhubarb for breakfast and now I'm sitting down with a coffee and a spot of crochet, ready for the craft fair at the weekend.

I hope that Josie and Charlie are taking note of my productivity and one day find themselves pottering around their own homes instead of trapped in their electronic virtual worlds. And thanks mum for all that inspiration you filled my life with, may there never be a time when there isn't some food growing in the garden.


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