Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ever decreasing circles

When I was at school I studied A level French. I adored French literature but the more I learnt about the language, the more I recognised how much I didn't know. I became reluctant to speak any French at all for fear of making mistakes. This battle against attaining perfection is something that continues to plague my everyday life. After spending time at blog school, reading about blogs and your blogging voice and identity, I began to over think ever possible post, sentence and title. The result was no blog posts. Just as when I was in the 6th form and longing for the days when I thought I was clever because I could count to ten in French, I wished to return to the time when I could simply write my blog for me without worrying about my readership. I mean seriously, what was I thinking? Readership indeed, get over yourself! Of course it's amazingly brilliant that anyone reads my blog, but I really need to stay away from the stats about page views and just get on with the writing.

My main focus over the last few weeks have been my new dog Sherlock and knitting socks. Of course both are equally worthy of their own post but not without me worrying about award winning photography and fretting about how much of the story I should include in the post. So here they both are, in the same post, sitting happily side by side and not a tear shed over my writing style or a schedule to follow.

Our lovely rescue dog


Bad knitting sock style


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