Friday, 18 April 2014

Painted eggs


For the last month or so, every time I've needed an egg for a recipe, I have carefully pierced both ends with a needle and blown the egg out, leaving the shell intact. This is not as easy as it sounds, you really have to blow until your head hurts and that's without the accidental oversized holes and breakages. They were a labour of love.

I actually enjoyed choosing which spring flowers to paint on each egg after I had coated them with a few layers of pastel coloured acrylic.

Cherry blossom is one of my favourite spring flowers: our front garden is currently blanketed with drifts of pink snow.

Altogether I painted eight eggs with my favourites: cowslip, daffodil, primrose, bluebell, forget-me-not, rosemary cherry blossom and a Helen Dardik inspired "Happy Easter" egg. And the best thing about my frugal Easter tree is that everything was reused, rescued or recycled apart from the few pence I spent on matching beads to make them look more like a set.

Wishing you a happy Easter and to get into the holiday party spirit I'm linking with Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest.




  1. They look fantastic, well worth all the effort of all that blowing! I think I'll try something similar with my daughters, they look so lovely hanging on the branch.

  2. Your painted eggs are fabulous. When I was a girl I can remember my mother blowing the insides out of eggs to decorate them with lace and beads. I may need to try this next year. Thanks for sharing and Easter blessings to you,


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