Friday, 11 April 2014

Waste not, want not

I'm still wondering whether the pre-meeting angst is worth the presidential glory. It's not all crystal bells and pink crocheted brooches when you are president of the Pink Ladies WI. There is so much to worry about: will people turn up, will the speaker be any good, will I say loads of daft things? Just because I believe in recycling and making good of the old or pre-loved, it doesn't mean everyone else does. However who wouldn't love Veronica Ashby, with her bags of rubbish transformed into essential lovelies for the home, fabulous treasures and the sewing equivalent of my knitting. I was far too engrossed to take photos apart from this one of my favourite her miniature mice.

It's always difficult to capture the wit of a speaker and the subtle or unsubtle nature ( "up and down like a whore's drawers") of their humour in written words, but I do so want to be like Veronica one day. She produced endless items from giant bags: Victorian style silhouette cushions, peg angels, leaded terrariums from water bottles, lavender hats, fabric covered washing powder boxes, milk carton poop scoops.....the ideas just kept coming.

At the same meeting we also had a cake auction as a highly successful fundraiser for our Pink ladies WI. I was overwhelmed and more than a teaspoon envious of all the fabulous cakes that were provided by guests and members. All in all the meeting was so utterly and completely in the spirit of the WI, I think I did my Great Auntie Joyce proud.


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