Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My latest 'to do' list

At the weekend I celebrated my 40th birthday and I had a truly fabulous time with my family. I looked at my life and decided that I pretty much had everything that I wanted. There weren't really any unfulfilled dreams, apart from having a dance studio in my house. I never really became a professional ballerina, but still wear leg warmers to a class on a weekly basis. So I decided to make a list of all the things that I would like to do before I die. There are of course plenty of lists out there. 101 things to do before you die is a book with its own related website and bloggers dedicated to the list, which really appealed to me, however there were lots of things on the list that I would never want to do ever and a number I'd done already. There is practically no choice, I am going to have to write my own and seeing as I have until I die to do them, I feel I probably have just a little less time than that to write the list.

So far I have a total of three things on my list and volunteers to do each one with me. I'm quite optimistic, it could definitely go very well.

Things to do before I die

  1. Swim in the sea on New Years Day
  2. Travel on the Trans Siberian Express
  3. Travel on the Orient Express

I am completely seduced by the romance and style of the 1920's and would most definitely need a sympathetic wardrobe, accessories and luggage for the trip. Perhaps I should add that to my list?

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  1. i think some antique luggage for the trip would be brilliant too. The trans-siberian has been on my list for some time, maybe when Daniel is older, i love your pages susie XXX


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