Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vintage Buttons

For me, vintage buttons are just as precious as diamonds and to receive some unexpectedly through the post made my day. When the parcel arrived, I knew immediately who it was from. It rattled and felt like a box. I did initially guess jewellery as I had so many beautiful necklaces for my birthday, but honestly you would not believe my delight when I discovered vintage buttons.

I was going to sit down quietly with a cup of coffee and look at them all, but Charlie squirrelled them away before I got a chance. For despite being up most of the night being sick and not having eaten, the lure of buttons was too much for him to resist. When I was younger I loved my Grandma's sewing room and spent hours up there admiring the buttons,  tidying the reels of thread and sticking coloured glass headed pins in her hedgehog pin cushion. I would be difficult to say whether I liked going through her jewellery box the most or her button box.

These are my favourite ones from the box I received today. How lovely to have such a wonderful friend who knows me so well and can understand everything that Ridgeway Cottage is about.

For the very special Leanne x

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