Monday, 20 December 2010

Wrapping Presents

The wrapping of presents is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Each year the week before Christmas is spent wrapping the special presents for my closest family who I'll be with on Christmas Day and it really does take me all week. I love spending ages on at least on present for each person. I like to make my own wrapping paper, tags, bows and all the other little decorations that make the presents completely unique.The fabric pom poms are from Little Miss Momma Blog, which is completely brilliant. I've also made a pom pom hairband for Josie and a pom pom clip for myself.

The first day of the holidays is when Josie and I wrap her presents which is accompanied by hot chocolate for her. When my husband goes out for his work Christmas party, I have a wrapping evening, watching all the Christmas cooking and crafting television programmes and drinking mulled wine. My favourite wrapping session though is on Christmas Eve, when everything finally comes together. This year is even more Christmassy with all the snow outside.

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