Friday, 9 November 2012

Autumn Sunlight

It isn't just Dover that has the white cliffs in Kent. There are a number of beautiful bays along the Kent coast line which are cut from the dazzlingly bright chalk. The glorious autumn sunlight which shines slightly lower in the sky at this time of year, reflects off the cliffs with dramatic effect.

Mostly it's the colour and light that causes me to catch my breathe, but the cold wind truly does blow away the cobwebs.

These photos were taken at Kingsgate which is somewhere between Broadstairs and Margate. I simply adore the whole coastline and never tire of the tranquillity contrasting delightfully against the harsh elements of nature.

Cut through the cliffs, this rather precarious path leads down to a beach which is only accessible at low tide, but it is completely worth the scramble down....

if only to get a shot of the sunburst through the white cliff.

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  1. Stunning images from your side of the world. The same sun and sky have such a different intensity and hue in my little part of the world in Australia.

    1. The light is sort of watery and pale. I would love to just be able to pop over and compare

  2. Hi Corenne
    Welcome to Ridgeway cottage and thank you very much for your comment


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