Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I never imagined

Ten years ago I was an expectant first time mum. I had absolutely no idea what was install for me over the next decade. I didn't know how much life with children would alter my whole world forever. There is joy and hilarity in every single day. We've raised our children to be independent free thinkers and are now living with two incredibly strong characters. They fill my days with mess, intelligent observations, more noise than I ever believed could come from little things, loving cuddles and the opportunity to say things I never imagined.

Today, as with every day, has included a number of classic examples:

"No Irish dancing at the dinner table!" I shouted this at Josie whilst she jigged around the kitchen with her "Choccy Philly" on toast. (Yes chocolate spread, another thing I never imagined would be part of my life)

"Go and wash your hands and take your filthy trousers off and why is your tummy covered in mud?" - did I really think that Charlie would not get dirty running around the school field unsupervised whilst I was in a meeting with Josie.

"I'm not doing anything until I've had a cup of tea." I regularly say this and it is so untrue, I do loads of things before I even make the tea and then even more and some times so much more that the tea goes cold.

My world is often so full of chaotic children and their craziness that I do like to look at photos I have taken of quiet and peaceful moments. I never imagined that I would take photos of these snapshots of serenity and actively seek them out in order to escape from the richness of life created by my children.

The empty streets of Canterbury City Centre early this morning. Taken as I cycled to work, with a clear head and the reassuring knowledge that the simple things and my family will fill my day with more happiness than I ever imagined.

Is there anything that you never imagined about your life?

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