Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Trees are best

When both Josie and Charlie were tiny babies, we took them out daily for walks. Josie was not so keen at first to spend time in her pram preferring to be carried in a pouch but Charlie was quite content lying there looking at the leaves, branches and sky whilst I explained which tree was which and why I liked them.

At this time of year, I am always enchanted by the luminosity and beauty of silver birch trees. They hold on their delicate golden yellow leaves right up high in the sky and their white papery trunks glow in the pale Autumn sunlight.

With the sky so blue, the contrast of the yellow and mellow orange hues is the perfect backdrop for the tall spindly silhouettes of wintry trees.

Charlie is still an upward gazer, checking out to see where the best colours and shapes are, watching for patterns and suggesting what would make a good photo. It's a love we share as a family but Charlie and I particularly like to watch trees change through the seasons.

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