Friday, 2 November 2012

The British Museum - snapshots

This week's blog school topic is photography which I love but seriously need to do a bit more learning about so I'm quite excited and intend to focus and study. Yesterday though we went on a half term holiday trip to The British Museum so I got access to some weird and wonderful artifacts but wasn't really able to put much thought into the art of photography as I needed to keep an eye on my crazy kiddos. As a result I have simple snaps but at least I can assess my starting point and we did have a super special day.

Fabulous geometric ceiling with the sky and clouds behind it, stunning.

Some modern architecture that I like.

A big hit with Charlie: bones, skeletons and skulls.

Those most teenie, tiny equistitely carved ancient jade reindeer.

This was totally one of my favourite room, filled with spectacular jewellery.

He looks like an angel, but this was in the middle of running around looking at statues.

 Can anyone guess what these two were finding most fascinating about the front and back of these sculptured gods?

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  1. Nothing like a naked statue to get you giggling!!!! So great to see all the things you saw! Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Oh Pip, the little darlings were squealing and in fits of laughter.

  2. Naked statues! Love how kids see the world.

    1. Hi Jenn, thanks for your comment, kids are so special aren't they


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