Saturday, 24 November 2012


The more I craft, the more I read and blog about craft. One of my favourite crafty magazines is Mollie Makes. If the world were just like an edition of Mollie Makes magazine then I would be very happy. It is just filled with the most deliciously fabulous craftiness and super talented people. I really do look forward to every copy dropping on the door mat each month.

Recently life has got even better because the makers of Mollie Makes now produce a weekly online interactive magazine called Gathered. Once again it is full to the brim with beautiful loveliness and is out every Friday with all the best ideas to keep you busy over the next week. I do love it so and even better than all of that, this week one of my photos has been included in the Show and Tell collection. I was so excited.

It's a photo of my crochet African flowers stacked up ready to make to make a Christmas stocking that you can see here and I am hoping to sell at the school Christmas fair on Thursday but if not I rather like it and the it has been featured in Gathered!

The finished stocking.


  1. How exciting Susie!

  2. Hey!

    Just came across your blog, and it's very pretty! I really love your poppy crochet hexagons, wherever did you find the pattern?

    And congrats on the magazine picture! Is exciting!

    All the best,
    Amanda (

    1. Hi Amanda
      Thank you for your comment. I got the pattern from I do love the crochet hexagons too
      I will have to check out your blog too
      Susie :)


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