Friday, 28 January 2011

All at sea

Life is unfair. Sometimes it's good and every cloud has a silver lining, but who hasn't asked the question...   "Why me?"
I'm not really sure how it works because I would certainly like to believe in Karma but then see some really lovely people having to cope with one rubbish situation after another. None is safe from the fickle finger of fate. In some way girls are luckier and tears come easier. We have each other to talk to and can share friendship, which is surely what keeps insanity at bay. Human relationships, connections and support are what makes life worth living for me. Those moments of kindness from others, are the essence of being.

Although life has been unfair, I have been so lucky to be flooded these such moments and always seem to be indebted to another. This week I tried to tip the balance back in my favour and give a little back to a person who has lifted my spirits on many occasion. I feel she should know that this gift was not offered without hours of thought, deliberation and research.

Words can stick so clearly in your memory if carefully chosen and "All at sea" is so apt when considering the overwhelming nature of life and even better if embroidered on to a vintage lace handkerchief. Therefore after much deliberation, I found the most wonderful artistic inspiration to accompany the words. After all what are words without a picture? The artist is Gillian Bates and her work is so incredible, I just copied completely, which I do hope she would consider to be a compliment, especially as this was not for my own comercial gain, but purely to decorate a hankerchief intended to wipe away the bitter sweet tears of life.

Please be kind to those who need you, never forget your support is priceless and if in doubt wear glitter.

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