Monday, 24 January 2011

Emma's Lentil Soup

Every Sunday I make a large pan of soup which my husband and I take for lunch on the days when I am working. It is usually made from allotment veg and any vegetables left over from Sunday lunch. Depending on the ingredients, it can last my husband the whole week and in the winter, it is so very warming, filling and healthy. Lentil soup always goes down well, although I don't really have a recipe and the ingredients vary each time. Due to the success of the celery I planted last year (which is still growing strong despite the snow), I included some of that this week. The warmer weather has caused a bit of a growth spurt. 2010 / 2011 was my first year growing celery so I'm learning as I go but it is definately worth growing.

How wonderful to see the bright green celery leaves in the middle of January

Lentil Soup Recipe (January 2011)

A couple of onions or leeks - chopped
A few stalks of celery and leaves - chopped
Small amount of oil or butter
A packet of red lentils (500g I think)
Two cans of chopped tomatoes
Some water (I didn't have any stock)
1/2 jar of Pataks curry paste    
(optional - if you want it to be curried lentil)
A few chard leaves - chopped

Cook the red lentils as specified on the packet
Place the chopped onions/leeks and celery in a large pan with the oil and cook until soft. Add the chopped tomatoes, cooked lentils, water and curry paste and simmer for about 15 minutes. Add the chard leaves for colour

Lentil soup always seems to taste better if you make it at least one day before eating and it will last all week if stored in the fridge. I usually make the soup quite thick if we are taking it to work as it travels better in lunch boxes and is less likely to spill. If you do make it the day before, it will thicken over night so add extra water if you don't like it thick.

Especially for Emma Jane
with love x

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