Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mod podge bike make over

Ever since I discovered Mod Podge, I've been reading the daily blog posts detailing all the fantastic projects that involve Mod Podge. I am really not sure how I lived without it for so long, it does make PVA seem like such a poor substitute.

I recently saw what could almost be my dream project, involving a bike, fabric and Mod Podge. A lady called Jenean Morrison had used fabric that she had designed herself to revamp a bike and it looked amazing. I had to copy the idea but just needed to find the time to do it. It was quite a tough decision deciding which fabric to choose. It's not like I have other bikes and if the fabric on this one didn't match my outfit, I could just ride a different bike and I do ride my bike everyday.

This was the cushion pad for the child seat on the back of the bike before, which was to be honest, really quite hideous.

And this is the part way through picture. I used June Bug Tea by Alexander Henry which I like so much more than the previous 80's inspired design.

This is my bike 'before' the make over and it isn't quite finished yet,  so I don't have an 'after' photo yet.

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  1. Love the stages of your makeovers ! x


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