Thursday, 6 January 2011

Charlie and Mummy days

Every morning Charlie wakes up and asks whether it is a work day, school day, nursery day or Charlie and Mummy day, the later being his favourite. It is so very lovely to be appreciated, however I know my days are numbered. There are two Charlie and Mummy days per week and they will come to an end in July when the summer holidays start. I am very lucky to have my little pre-schooler so long though, some mummies have to send there little ones off to school shortly (sometimes days) after their fourth birthday and Charlie and I will still be at home together until he is almost five years of age.

After we have dropped Josie at school, there is nothing much we have to do in particular until we pick her up. No timetable, no schedule, no list of urgent jobs that have to be done, our time is our own and it is golden. Even rainy days such as today are fun, as we have to play indoors all day long and Charlie delights in what we are going to do next. Of course there are still the endless list of chores around the house to do but at a much slower pace and often with Charlie's help, they almost seem fun. If you still have a small person at home with you, chatting away, making a mess, playing games and wanting to be with you, cherish every second.

Throwing sticks at ice

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  1. Yes you are very lucky to have Charlie with you that extra year. Ewan was 4 and 7 days old when he had to goto school ! Charlie is adourable and must be endless fun with him ! x


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