Saturday, 15 January 2011

Antique fairs

My Mum and Dad always used to go to antique fairs when I was growing up and I found them totally fascinating. I liked the jewellery, fancy boxes and antique textiles. The other thing I liked is how you could find something pocket money priced next to something hugely expensive. I think I prefer old things to anything else now and I like the people who are selling them as they always have a story to tell about each piece. Today Josie and I almost walked passed one but I couldn't resist going in. I like to imagine what the original owners were like and how different their world was.

We bought three items:

An old coin for Charlie and a tiny Swiss Army knife pin for me, both of which were pocket money priced.

Josie set her heart on this diamante encrusted crab brooch, the moment she saw it and despite looking at everything else at the fair, there was no changing her mind. It is very beautiful and is perfect with the new red coat at I got her for Christmas. I suppose if I am going to foster a love for old things in my children, then I am going to have to be prepared to splash out a tiny bit more than pocket money prices.

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