Saturday, 29 September 2012

A day in the life of my allotment

Last week I broke my spade trying to dig over my allotment, the ground was so hard but after a week of rain, I've managed to get almost three areas, weed free and ready for next season. There is always something that you need to be thinking about way in advance with an allotment or in fact growing anything. So with the autumn sun shimmering through the leaves of the trees, I picked a spot which is currently shaded by sunflowers but in the winter months will be in pretty much full sun and planted my daffodils ready for the spring.

Although I usually have my plot completely to myself apart from the birds and insects, over the past couple of days, I have being sharing my little spot of nature and sharing what I have learned. I think that it is my leeks that I am most proud of because there is not a single moment in the year that I don't have leeks on my plot in whatever stage of their life cycle they are in.

 I truly get a sense of pride when someone else digs up one of my leeks that have been grown from the seeds of leeks grown from the seeds of leeks that I grew. It really has been several generations of leek since anyone else got involved and these leeks could not be more mine.

I love leeks. You do need to dig them up because that network of white roots hold fast to the soil but once out of the ground they can be so easily cleaned up and smell delicious. I do feel quite the allotmenteer when I get to give them to friends.

Josie came to the allotment with me in the afternoon and was delighted to discover that despite the rain, the river was shallow enough for her to run around in. There has never been such a small amount of water in this river.

Anyone with children will know what a bizarre kettle of fish they can sometimes be. Josie has set her heart on reading Oliver Twist and despite my suggestions about Dickens being possibly a little challenging for a 9 year old, she stood there doing incredibly well with the complicated language, reading the first chapter whilst I weeded out the dandelions, couch grass and nettles.

She wanted  to go back in the river but during the time she had been reading to me, the river had once again filled with water and was practically raging compared to 15 minutes earlier.

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