Monday, 3 September 2012

Cranbrook and the Kitsch and Stitch Fair

This weekend I had a real treat, I finally went to the Kitsch and Stitch Fair in Cranbrook. I got to go all by myself and peruse the lovely vintage and handmade goodies at my leisure. I could have quite easily bought numerous items, there were so many things that were almost too pretty for me to live without, but the stall I splashed out on was Simply Vintage Designs. I have been looking for the perfect cake stand without success, but the fabulous lady behind Simple Vintage Designs has a collection of very lovely plates and lets you put together your own two or three tier stand. What could be better?

 I have put it together and I totally love it, but I wrapped it back up again and have put it away. I didn't feel that I should take a photo until I have baked some delicious goodies to display on it.

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