Friday, 7 September 2012

Raspberry jam

I had the most wonderful day. The sun was shining and I had the whole day to myself whilst the children were at school. I even enjoyed doing the mundane and trivial tasks like the laundry and cleaning. Most of all though I loved making a huge great vat of raspberry jam. My raspberry canes at the allotment are completely laden with fruit and despite spending a couple of hours up there this morning, there are still more than I had time to pick.

There is much debate about the ratio of fruit to sugar but today I decided to go with equal amounts, 4lbs of sugar with 4lbs of raspberries which looked like a massive amount.

And it seemed to take forever for the sugar to dissolve.

I do always tend to make rather a lot of mess when making jam so once I sterilized the jam jars in the oven at 100c for 15mins, I put them on the draining board to make the clearing up a little bit easily.

Jam is very sticky.

I managed to make 14 jars in all and I'm seriously thinking of selling some at the school Christmas fair, once I've made some fancy labels and possibly some crochet jam covers.


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