Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Final Day

It was the most gloriously sunny and rather warm day today, perfect for the end of the summer holidays. This is my second week back at work however I'm a part-timer and finish by 2.30pm on a Tuesday. We decided to head off to Tankerton Slopes for a barbecue. I grabbed my knitting, camera and the first issue of a new magazine called The Simple Things. It arrived yesterday in the post and I managed to sneak a peak this morning before I cycled to work. The snippet I read stuck in my mind all day. Simple things are always the best and this writing described someone's simple pleasure of enjoying their alone time with a coffee and the kitchen to themselves before anyone else is awake.

This is my simple thing. I loved sitting on the beach in the warm September, watching the children swim in the sea and reading a magazine.

We didn't bring swimming costumes so after a little persuasion, the children swam in the underwear.

This is Charlie's treasure that he found, a rusty piece of plastic which I thought was rather incredible. I wasn't really aware that plastic had the ability to rust!

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