Sunday, 9 September 2012


All gardeners have their enemies. The top spot of my list has always been taken by slugs and snails with their voracious appetite and ability to destroy a tray seedlings over night. They show no mercy and have cost me dearly. I wouldn't be able to count the endless hours I have spent wrestling with bind weed, untangling my precious plants from the strangling tendrils and trying in vain to remove those white roots from the soil. However as if these pests weren't enough, blight has really started to plague my potato and tomato growing efforts. I have actually stopped even bothering to grow potatoes after three disastrous years of failed crops. The potato plants grow well and the look fabulous until about June and then almost over night, blight sweeps through the allotment devastating every crop even those belonging to the old boys. Up until recently though, my tomatoes have not suffered too badly. Blight will have a go at tomatoes just as much as potatoes because they are part of the same family. I can't really complain too much because I have had a fair tomato crop but over the last few weeks my beautiful tomato plants have gone from lush green to insipid yellow, mottled with chocolate brown lesions and the soul crushing brown patches on the fruit.

Not a pretty sight

Fortunately very few of the actual tomatoes on this plant have got blight and it's just the plant that's suffering.

I did manage to pick loads of delicious tomatoes from this plant before it got blight and quite a few since.

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