Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mini-makeover earrings

This really is a simple way to turn some cheap earrings into something much more special. They can be made in less than an hour to match a new outfit, would make a lovely present and totally support my reuse, reinvent, relove philosophy.

You will need:

A crochet hook
Some beautiful yarn
Cheap hoop earrings (I got mine in the TopShop sale for a very reasonable price)
A needle to sew in the ends of the yarn

The method is exactly the same as the method for the crochet bangles that I made here. I might even get my little film maker to help me make a quick video later.

Watch this space.

Anyhow back to the earrings and how they turned out because I forgot to take photos whilst I was making them because they really were that quick to make.

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If you would like to buy these earrings, please check out the listing in my Shop
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