Tuesday, 5 August 2014

D is for Dahlia

Ahhh the delights of dahlias. Summer wouldn't be so gloriously colourful without them. For the third year I have grown them from seed and it's such fun anticipating what colour they will be from those tiny tightly closed buds.


This is one of the beds where they hang out and the mass of green foliage is starting to give way to a riot of multi-coloured blooms. Some plants are from this year's seedlings, other are survivors from last summer thanks to the mild winter.

I never know whether you should lift the tubers or leave them be. Somewhere in the attic is an ancient book about dahlias that I always intend to read but never get round to doing so.

I'm a bit of a novice to be honest but I'm learning and I do know that this is a stunning cream pom pom dahlia.

These are red cacti that I lifted from my old garden in Autumn 2012 and have been perfectly happy in this pot since then.


I think quite a lot of my success so far has definately been down to luck but next on my to do list is to plant some of my potted dahlia into the front garden. I am also quite keen to branch out into buying some super special ones that come as tubers. I'm looking forward to making my wish list at the Dahlia festival in September at the Secret Gardens of Sandwich.


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