Friday, 15 August 2014

G is for Guinea Pigs

I've never had a guinea pig of my own or any of the smaller fluffy pets that are kept in cages, but this will be the third summer that we have had them to stay as guests. We will be looking after a couple for a friend for a week which will be just about bearable for my husband so probably the only chance my kiddies will get of the little snufflers.

Today we sadly discovered that the second of a guest piggies from last year had died and were at a little bulb planting and seed scattering event for Henry when we were asked to be pet sitters, which cheered up my children and the little girl who has now lost both of her pets. As a seven year old with his limited experience of the world, Charlie has yet to learn the sobriety of such occasions and made us laugh by asking inappropriate questions.

  • Will there be food at the funeral?
  • How about drinks, there should be at least drinks?
  • Now their guinea pigs have died can we have their cage for Sherlock (our dog)?

This is Henry enjoying a feast of grass on the sun lounger last summer.



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