Saturday, 9 August 2014

E is for embroidery


We are all pinners of pins but how much making actually goes on? As for finishing what I've started , thank goodness there no such thing as the unfinished projects police, they would throw the book at me. It isn't that I get bored with a project, I am simply distracting by new and exciting ideas. There's always a new plan popping into my head like embroidering my frankly quite ugly denim shorts.

The thing about my shorts though is that I seem to wear them all the time, especially for gardening and the allotment. They are perfect, my Swiss Army knife, keys, phone and poo bags (for Sherlock) fit in the pockets and they are comfortable enough to go climbing down into the river and rescuing children from trees.


One of the aspects of summer projects I love is crafting in the sunshine. These shorts now have the memories of a day at the beach stitched into the very weave of the fabric forever.

And finally to finish (although I'm not sure I have actually completely totally finished) just a spot of sunburst on the pocket.


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