Friday, 22 August 2014

K is for The Killing

The Killing doesn't really sound very summery, but it's more a new way of watching TV than the subject matter. Technology has changed our viewing habits greatly and stuff like Netflix is ideal for someone like me who never remembers or knows when great stuff is on.

Watching a series on Netflix works perfectly with crocheting a blanket in the summer holidays. By the time I have finally wrangled the kids into to bed after all the feeding and entertaining of small people, I'm seriously ready to sit around crafting and escape into a dark shadowy world of make believe crime and murder.

Last summer it was Breaking Bad, episode after episode, there whenever I was ready. No waiting until the following week to discover what happens next. Jesse Pinkman and Heisenberg were part of my life.

This year work on the hexablanket is accompanied by the gloomy rain drenched Seattle based drama, The Killing. There's something comforting about being so warm on a summer's evening watching the cold greyness of somewhere far away.

And why wouldn't I love a programme in which the incessantly frowning heroine wears an anorak and what looks like a hand knitted fairisle jumper?



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