Sunday, 17 August 2014

H is for hexablanket

When I started my summer project back in the middle of July I simply had a couple of bags of bargin charity shop yarn and a bit of a dream. With weeks of summer ahead and plenty of resources I thought I could easy crochet a blanket and had my eyes on the prize.


The hexagons began to pile up, Josie named the project the hexablanket and I knew I was on the right track because an eleven year old didn't like the colours because they were too granny-ish.


I timed how long it took to make one hexagon (15 mins if I did it non-stop without any interruptions from demanding children), did the maths and worked out how long it would take to do each row in relation to the time I would be able to devote to crochet. As the weather got hotter and hotter it did seem rather absurd to be making a blanket in a bikini.

And then I got distracted by embroidery (see E is for embroidery), entertaining the kiddos and life. I remembered how epic crocheting a blanket can be. Not epic in the sense of my Charlie's description of his ideal sandwich or Josie's friend's opinion of our TV but more along the lines of an exceptionally long and arduous task. It did afterall take me three summers to complete my first crochet blanket. Watch this space, for a rather long time, if you have the patience.


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