Friday, 15 August 2014

F is for friendship bands

I'm not a massive fan of loom bans. Yes it's great that the kids are doing something creative and it makes a change for them not to be plugged into an electronic device. In my eyes though, they are a little on the ugly side, a touch too plastic and they get everywhere, even my allotment.

Josie is in my team on this one; we both prefer friendship bracelets. There are just millions of more intensely beautiful colours and textures involved.

Even Charlie has swapped his arm full of overly tight loom bands which were practically cutting his circulation off, for the more delicately knotted friendship bracelet.


And then there's the another issue to address. Those loom bands are going to be around far longer than the tiny fingers that are making them whereas the friendship bracelets can go in the compost. The Guardian even went as far as to question whether they might be the next environmental disaster.

What do you prefer?


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