Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumnal mist

Autumn is beautiful but in many ways it is so sad, this year more than ever. To cheer myself up this morning as I cycled to work through town, I made an extra special effort to stop and observe all things beautiful. Sadness aside, Autumn is stunning. Josie describes it as her favourite season. There is a lot to like about the end of the summer. Cobwebs are amazing, how do spiders know what to do? Every morning I destroy a web in the door of the garage so I can get my bike out and it is there again the next morning, without fail. I even put the spider in the seat on the back of my bike yesterday in the hope that if I took it for a ride it might decide to find somewhere else, but it was still there this morning. I have to admire the determination and the incredible geometric patterns.
I do love the mist, it makes everywhere look slightly magical, especially in the early morning sun. The colours of the leaves are amazing and I am looking forward to collecting them with Charlie. One of our favourite games is catching leaves. It needs to be a slightly windy day and we wait until the wind blows the leaves from the trees. All you have to do is catch one, which isn't as easy as it sounds. I also read about using Mod Podge to preserve leaves on another blog but being new to blogging I'm not really too sure of the etiquette of linking to other blogs. Perhaps I should ask the Mod Podge lady herself.....I having fun already.


  1. Your blog is beautiful and serene.
    You're very poetic too.
    Keep up the good work.
    -lisa (5orangepotatoes)

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words Lisa, I feel quite encouraged now and thank you for being the first to comment and my first follower. I feel like a real blogger now

  3. You are a great writer! I love it!


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