Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rainy day at the Euro fair

It can sometimes be quite difficult to get Charlie out of the house. Josie did a sterling job at trying to get him to go to the cinema with Mark and herself, offering bribes of popcorn and sweets, even an extra film but he just wanted to stay at home with his mummy. That was until I started talking about the Euro food fair. It captured his imagination and he got dressed with minimum fuss. Standing guard at the gates was a knight which added to his interest and the food stalls, smells and general bustle of people pursuaded him to take a look. We have been before and I'm sure on each occasion it has rained, which is skillfully illustrated by Josie's picture. I showed Josie my blog today and she was very impressed and keen to contribute / take over. I imagine she will have plenty to add. She even asked if you could have her own.
I do really like the Euro fair, so much delicious food, but I think today my favourite was the cheese stall. I might have liked to have looked around more but the weather was just miserable.

Charlie choose one of the cupcakes, which do look very attractive.

The piece of carrot cake Josie liked the look of was large enough for her to share with Mark and myself.

Mark and I went for a small selection of cheese from The Cheesemakers of Canterbury. I tried each one, they are all delicious and if you like fairly mild but equally tasty cheese, I would recommend them all, but then I do like cheese.

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  1. I didnt get chance to go this time ! I absolutly love Josie's picture !!! Budding artist i think ! ..... UMMMM all this talk of food has made me very hungry ! xxx


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