Thursday, 23 September 2010

Official hot chocolate day

On the way home from school today, we got caught in a shower and because I had already made Charlie wear his coat, he officially declared it a hot chocolate day. During the autumn and winter if the children get wet on the way home from school, in order to cheer them up and hurry them along, we often discuss whether it is a hot chocolate day and it usually turns out to be one. So with the tomato plants composted, the persistant web making spider, the autumnal mists, the last few sweet peas in the garden and the first hot chocolate day, I think autumn is here and today I feel happy about that. To celebrate Josie and I made some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and Charlie charlied them (crushed them and spread them over his face, hands, kitchen table, floor, bathroom sink and towel before pouring hot chocolate on them.)

Our cakes before Charlie got to them

I also have my first followers, which I am very excited about and some very positive and valued comments from friends. It's so very lovely to have Ridgeway Cottage to escape to, I daren't look in the lounge, I believe it is full of dinosaurs and a dino world made out of the cushions of the settee.

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