Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Simply Knitting

It isn't always easy to work out why but it doesn't stop me from questioning. Asking "Why?" is generally a good thing and to be encouraged in a lot of situations. However unfortunately there isn't always an answer or a reason. That is the hard part of life. Asking questions is the easy part, answering them is harder and trying to live with the fact that sometimes there is no answer is the hardest of all. So I simply knit. It has been a tough week and it's only Wednesday. It has been a tough year but then there are always good times and bad times. This project is probably going to be a long and on-going one, perhaps a scarf. When times are hard, there's often tears and not always answers but at least with a wonderful family and friends, I can simply knit and eventually everything will be fine.

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  1. And you can call on your friends at anytime and they will be there ! Maybe scarf be good thing Susie , its getting cold already . Deffinatly could do with a hot chocolate ! xxxx


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