Monday, 27 September 2010

Moments of Beauty - Eight for a wish

I am not a particularly superstitious person, but I am fascinated by the folklore surrounding magpies. They are one of my favourite birds, simply for their pure audacity. Charlie and I call them pirate birds, we admire that they are the stealers of shiny things. I am never really sure whether to believe if they are good luck or bad luck. Should I salute them? Enquire after their wives? There are so many variations on superstitions surrounding magpies, that I choose to combine them all into my own interpretation; the more you see, the luckier you'll be.
Today I suffered badly from Monday morning so I tried to look for beauty on my way to work and there was plenty. I thought I'd choose eight of the sights I saw on my way to work to represent the eight magpies I saw on my way home from work. Coincidently a gathering of magpies, also known as a collective noun (should any of my students ever stumble upon my blog) is a parliament of magpies.

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret never to be told

Eight for a wish

I'm not even sure of the rhyme but I hope that seeing a parliament of eight magpies is lucky and if I do get a wish, it would be for happiness, for everyone.


  1. Beautiful Susie, i just love your writing . You write about things ive thought of too. x

  2. I feel the same way as Lisa! Gorgeous photos.


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