Thursday, 30 September 2010


Turquoise is my favourite colour. There is quite a lot of turquoise in our house. Our bedroom and bathroom are turquoise. There's a large section of turquoise clothes in my wardrobe, fabric in my first ever quilt and my next knitting project is going to be with turquoise yarn. I've already got the yarn. I don't however have any turquoise gloss hunter wellies and I think that they would really make me happy. They would look beautiful with everything I have and they are so shiny. They have gone straight to the top of my wish list. Perhaps I'm not totally miserable due to life, maybe it is all down to a lack of turquoise gloss wellies. Could a pair of wellies cheer me up? I believe they could.

Thank you very much to The CSI Project without whom, I would  have never known that turquoise was the colour of 2010 and been reminded that there are a pair of turquoise wellies with my name felt-tipped on the inside. I had previously thought that the two pairs of wellies I already have was quite excessive and I didn't need any more, but in difficult times...

I had so much fun looking at all the projects in their The CSI Project turquoise challenge this week. My favourite was No. 107 House and Family Rules. The wonderful creative mind behind the rules, Monika Wright, has kindly allowed me to show our version of her inspired idea. We did change some and I did particularly like Charlie's 'You only need to have a bath if  you are messy.'



  1. I think you did a wonderful job in creating a family keepsake. You will look upon this print in years to come and remember the moments you spent together working on it, and THAT is priceless. Thanks for linking me up and in feeling inspired in what I have created.

  2. Lovely idea! brilliant rules! Charlie's one is fantastic. They say a lot about you and your family and it looks lovely. A bit different to creating classroom rules every year! As for the boots, as someone who comfort shops ( a bad habit, I know) I would say 2 things. Firstly, buy them if wearing them will cheer you up on a rainy day and make you feel good, and secondly, divide the cost of them by the number of times you will wear them. ( Like they are £20, you wear them 200 times cost per wear 10p.) You can justify anything this way, especially when you can get to say that they are free! Buy and enjoy xxx


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