Saturday, 25 September 2010

Charity Shop Saturday

The best time to go to a Charity Shop is on a Saturday and I do actually have inside information to support this statement. In my twenties I was lucky enough to work for Notting Hill Housing Trust Charity Shops who set up temporary charity shops in some of the most spectacular and amazing locations and buildings around inner London. When else would you get the chance to work in a charity shop in Picadilly next to Fortnum and Masons? I adored the old buildings in their sad and sorry state of repair. The lower shop floor was always made safe and fitted out in a shabby, temporary fashion and anywhere else was roped off usually with a hand written sign warning of the danger. One of my favourite's was the vintage 60s and 70s clothing shop just off of the Portabello Market. I had my pick of the cream of the cream. Well the trick is that you keep the best for Saturday as this is when you have the most passing trade and can make the most money for your charity. I suppose it's not really a secret, but quite good to remember if you want to pick up a bargin.

Josie and I often go out to the charity shops in search of teasure and today she had especially requested a visit to stock up her fabric basket. She is very creative and likes to cut up fabric and make her own creations, so it is best to keep her well stocked otherwise she can be tempted to use her clothes.

This beautiful Woods Seaforth china plate would have been my star find today. It is chipped but at 30p, it would have been a crime to not to bring it home. Although I now have my own 'Blue & White', the best was still to come.

Pictured at the top of the post you will see Josie sitting outside a charity shop with the most fabulous wardrobe. It was love at first sight and fortunately Charlie was in need of a wardrobe and Mark liked it so it now sitting upstairs in Charlie's bedroom. It is a truly beautiful piece of furniture in minature, standing not much taller than me. There is even a tie rack for stylish small boys such as Charlie, however we decided it was a good place to keep the pirate hat I crocheted for him. (He doesn't have any ties, Charlie and his Dad are not tie wearers). It had only been out for 5 minutes and as Mark was paying, a very good friend came in to buy it. She was so kind and let me have it for which I am really grateful. Charlie and I love the wardrobe so much, I am almost sure that it will feature in a post shortly.


  1. sounds like a lovely day. I love charity shops and the things you can find, one reason my house and wardrobe have too much stuff in! How can people be snobby about them? it's always been beyond me!

  2. Camron loves charity shops as you know he loves old things! Reading this reminded me havnt taken boys for a while... a to put on my to do list for sure ! Thankyou Susie xxxx

  3. Have you taken Camron to the one in St Dunstan's? We call it the treasure shop. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't find a watch like mine and a silver match box. Once there was even a ship in a bottle. The thing I like so much about charity shops is that everything has a mysterious history, has been pre-loved and were very unlikely to have been made by a child in a sweatshop.


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