Monday, 16 July 2012

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

On the 1st January this year I swam in the sea which has long been one of my ambitions. It gave me that boost in confidence to go back to ballet classes. Ballet is just one of those things that I have never stopped loving. It was even more exciting to discover that I could take part in the dancing show and be on the stage again. This time last year, it was a challenge for me to go out of the house. I would not have even dreamt that I would be dancing on the stage at the Marlowe Theatre, so it has been a bit of an achievement for me.

The first time I danced on stage was in 1974 at age 4, it is one of my earliest memories and that buzz of performing in front of an audience is a feeling I still love today. Very much like the words of the song which I danced to this weekend, time has rolled on and my youth has gone, in fact I believe that I was the oldest performer in the Dance Warehouse's production of the Glass Slipper. Unlike diamonds, I have grown old and lost my shape but I still think there might be that slight glimmer of charm and a smidgen of grace left. Now having achieved two of my ambitions, I am wondering what's next.....maybe an art exhibition, teaching ballet or studying dance / art therapy.

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  1. oh yeah, go for it, the crazier the better! Mind you, swimming in the sea in winter is crazy enough in itself.


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