Friday, 27 July 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 7

Today I was pleased to do not much at all, very little was planned and we had a home day. It was lovely, I got lots of jobs done, did some packing for our camping trip tomorrow and a little bit of sewing.

At 08:12 this morning, we joined the rest of the over enthusiastic, in the make some noise for the Olympics craziness. In the absence of any bells, Josie and Charlie put together a cacophony of pots, pans and tins to hit with spoons, in honour of Twenty Twelve.

Charlie earned 60p doing chores like tidying his room, pairing up shoes from the shoes place in the kitchen (a dumping ground for shoes), shelling broad beans and painting chicken with marinade. He did very well.

Thanks to the lovely Sophie who runs our WI knitting and stitching circle I had a much better idea how to make a top out of the beautiful 1/2 meter of fabric that I have been very keen to use.

As you can see used a professional pattern, a curve drawn on a scrap of paper to make the arm holes.

Gathered and stitched the front and back.

And then used one of the attachments for my vintage sewing machine to make some bias binding.

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