Friday, 6 July 2012

Feet up Friday

When Charlie started school last September, I imagined that on Fridays (which is my day off work) I would be able to get all those chores done, spend time in the garden, get my allotments under control, relax perhaps and have a bit of time to put my feet up so I could blog. I had ambitions to create a regular weekly post called "Feet up Friday" where I would be able to celebrate my new organised life based around all the tasks I would be able to get done now I didn't have my little eating machine at home, making a mess and wanting to me to join him in all his fabulous games. I thought that I would miss my little one but a tidy and organised house would be my consolation.

I could not have been more wrong. When choosing my day off, Friday has always been the most logical to settle on as most of the school performances are on a Friday. However with two school aged children, the performances, assembles, festivals and fairs requiring the presence of an adoring parent have doubled. Friday is also a bit of a packing or arranging day if we are doing anything special at the weekend. I also returned to work this year after a lengthy and challenging illness and sometimes by Friday, I have just felt so worn out that I have needed to rest. In addition, my New Year's Resolution to return to ballet required me to spend every Friday in January at the gym before I was even  able to consider squeezing myself into a leotard. The weather has also put a bit of a spanner in the works, as I never really feel like digging in the rain, I consider myself to be a bit of a fair weather allotmenteer.

So here I am with only two more Fridays to myself before the start of the summer holidays, writing my first feet up Friday post. Once again it's raining so tackling the weeds at the allotment is off the agenda but I have been trying to finish of all those little bits and pieces that are waiting for that spare 5 minutes.

I've finally added a pocket to the front of the iPad case I made in the autumn so now I can put my pens and stylus in there and be slightly more organised or at least be able to find my pen.

I adore this brooch that my husband got me for my 40th birthday but it has been missing gems stones for a long time. I researched the best jewellery glue, E 6000 and picked up a broken version of the same brooch on ebay from which I was able to take exactly the correct size gems. I still need to solder another piece onto the bottom but I can't quite remember where I put it.

And I am delighted to have finished the painting of the Apple Blossom Fairies which was originally painted by the beautiful the Cicely Mary Barker. It's a present for my adorable niece Lily and has taken me such a long time.


  1. sometimes achievements must be counted in the very smallest of ways - at least you got one FUF in before the hols begin!

    1. That is so true, even the very smallest of achievements count


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