Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What we did...Summer 2012 Day 11

Today has been my least favourite day of the holidays so far. I've had some sort of allergic reaction to something and my joints are all swollen and hurting a lot. It hurts to do everything, especially stand on my feet and use my hands (completely rubbish). I have to go for a blood test tomorrow and spent most of the day laying down feeling sorry for myself. I take hundreds of photos so I spent my time sorting through them and deleting some as typing takes limited hand movements and doesn't actually hurt.

These are the paintings that I did at the weekend.


  1. We loved your sketching! So sorry you feel crap now. We find when we switch off and relax, we get all sorts of I'll... Hope it passes quick and isn't too serious xxx

    1. Thanks Amanda and hurray you managed to post a comment


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