Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 5

At 9am this morning I packed Charlie off with his lunch to Super Camps and Josie and I had a girls' day. Whenever Josie has mummy time she always wants to do the same thing, go to town and browse the shops. We like the same things and enjoy looking at discussing beautiful things. I have loved this one street in Canterbury every since we have lived here. When Josie was young we looked at the coloured doors and now we look at the flowers. She thinks that this house with it's climbing rose and lavender looks as if it's out of a fairy tale.

For quite a while Josie and I had days to ourselves in the summer holidays whilst Charlie was at nursery, but now he's a school boy, those days are rare. Josie is getting so grown up now that I want to cherish every precious moment that we do have together.

With it being another gloriously hot day, Josie went swimming in the afternoon and I sat (well got up and down, moved around a lot and did other things too) in the garden, painted some knitting needles for my Etsy Shop and collected seeds from my aquilegias.

And will my first dahlia grown from seed be out soon?

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