Sunday, 22 July 2012

What we did ....Summer holidays 2012 Day 2

Today was finally one of those glorious summer days with deep blue skies and warm sunshine. It felt like summer and we had a chilled out relaxed day at home.

Josie got herself comfortable in the teepee to do some more finger knitting which she has named "ningering". Both her Dad and brother have been wearing scarves today that she has knitted.

I did some lino cut printing.

These are ready for our Making Monday day tomorrow.

Charlie wanted to go for a bike ride.

And as I took this snapshot of him riding off home, I knew that this was one of those precious summer holiday memories that I would remember forever and in years to come, it would be that moment that I would wish to come back to. When you are five years old and the summer holidays have just started and stretch on endlessly in front of you for the first time, you've learnt to ride a bike and the sun is shining, life really could not get much better.


  1. oh that does look idyllic - I'd love to be sitting in teepee ningering! Love that look of your lino prints. What are you going to do with them I wonder?

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, the Lino prints were for our lemonade stand today


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