Saturday, 21 July 2012

What we did ... Summer holidays 2012 Day 1

My husband had a very busy day ahead and left at 7am this morning, so the moment the children were awake, they took advantage of the empty space in our bed. The three of  lay there pinning kids crafts from other people's cool boards onto our Summer Holiday Board. Today was our planning and ideas day so I was really quite insistent that we didn't do every single idea on the list before breakfast.

Charlie made these little balloon friends. He made them pretty much by himself with a minimal amount of mess and it kept him occupied for quite some time.

Josie has been trying to learn to knit for a little while but can't quite put the whole thing together but she learnt to finger knit in about 5 minutes, it kept her busy for ages and she has already made two cute little scarves.

And I made a skirt out of a pillowcase (photo to follow) and knitted a square for a possible new project.

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