Friday, 11 May 2012

Birthday tea with flowers

There is a difference between Josie's birthday tea and those that are made for Mark, Charlie and I; the garden is filled with flowers that can be cut and placed with pride on the table. The weather is not always glorious, but there is a lushness and a freshness about May that is just not there in November, December or February.

I sincerely believe that if you wish to be happy, fill your house with freshly cut flowers. It works, well it does if you like flowers and of course it is relative. If you are feeling sad already it will cheer you up but if you are happy, it will intensify the feeling.

Flowers for Josie's room

For the window on the stairs

And for the tea table

Josie asked for cheese and biscuits and Charlie wanted salt and vinegar crisps and yes, those are party rings.

I do love aquilegia in May

Happy Birthday Josie

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