Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jam and Jeruselum

Last night was our first general meeting for the Jubilee WI and there alongside almost 100 like minded women, I felt utterly proud to belong to an organisation that has been running for close to 100 years. As part of last nights refreshments team,to be pouring tea from an over sized brown enamel tea pot through a serving hatch in what I feel I know must call my WI dress filled me with such a sense purpose and belonging, that I truly wished my beloved Grandma could have been there.

There were two lovely lady speakers and although I appreciate the necessity of reading the minutes of the formation meeting, it did not capture my imagination or heart, like the history f the WI speech by . In particular, the story of one of the founders Adelaide Hoodless. The love a mother has for their child is one of those things that simply bonds mothers around the world and that devasting heartbreak of loosing a child is a heavy weight that never lightens. Just knowing that she lost her own son who was given impure milk as an infant, reminded me of that overwheming feeling of grief. Adelaide however turned her own tragic loss into an institution that has educated, inspired and empowered women. A true domestic crusader and perfectly austere, she has that air of authority apparent in her starchy posture with that softness of heart and eternal sadness that comes from the death of your own child.

Should ever I need a heroine, I feel that Adelaide Hoodless would be a suitable choice.


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