Sunday, 27 May 2012

We {Heart} Camping

In April we bought a new tent. We got the whole kit, new tent, extension (for rainy days), sleeping bags and air beds. We have been going camping since Charlie was a baby, with a fabulous tent that my father in law bought us, but it had definitely seen better days and we love camping so much that we invested in a new one. We got a lovely new tent and then it rained and rained and rained. It was cold and the weather was really just not the right kind of weather for camping. Then it changed, the sun came out and the summer began.This weekend was the perfect for camping at Kingsdown Campsite near Deal Kent.

I have recently dipped my toes into the world of craft blog linky parties where wonderfully creative people share their ideas, makings  and fabulous stuff with other people. You are allowed to comment and ask questions and even copy. I think that they may well be quite addictive. There is also the added excitement that someone may well even visit your post and leave a comment. These are people who you have never met before, just being nice to you. It's a very caring and sharing kind of thing to do.

There have been a large number of projects that have taken my fancy and I have been trying to collect them on my blog page Just Completely Brilliant and Fabulous when I remember. This week though I loved the I {Heart} Camping T-shirt ~ a tutorial  by Heather at Twin Dragonfly Designs. What a brilliant blog!! And the t-shirts are just completely brilliant and fabulous. I  made one for Josie, she's wore it immediately, got it very muddy and it had been washed twice before we even went camping. Josie did not want Charlie to have one the same as hers so his was different once again to the original design by Heather.

Both of the children wore their t-shirts all weekend which made me so happy and the camping trip was brilliant.

This one is Josie's

And this is Charlie's 

We {heart} camping


  1. Oh those are just awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your love for camping!

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