Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Homemade lollies

Rather optimistically, I made some homemade lollies yesterday but seeing as I have been making them pretty much continuously since Josie was a baby and Charlie will eat a lolly on the coldest of days, I doubt very much that they will remain in the freezer for too long. Lollies are one of the simplest and most diverse things I make and when I discovered that I needed some more moulds, I could not let another opportunity for an essential purchase of vintage Tupperware pass me by.

When we were young, my mum made homemade lollies from orange juice using Tupperware lolly moulds and the memory of eating them sitting on the hot concrete step in the garden is so clear in my mind.

"Tupperware" made in England

Making the lollies is so incredibly simple and easy and just the thing to make with little ones.

1. Find the moulds and put them in the tray (the perfect job for little fingers)

2. Fill with any delicious liquid - homemade smoothie, freshly squeezed fruit juice, squished berries or just some squash. These ones are Innocent Smoothie - Pineapples, bananas and coconuts

3. Put the lids on which also contain the sticks of the lollies. The special Tupperware seal prevents any spills on the way to the freezer where they need to be left until frozen.

4. Finally find a lovely little one to enjoy the lolly

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  1. so much better homemade...we make green ones {i sneak in my garden's kale}

    lovely. can't wait to have these on the porch with the boys again once it warms up here in chicago...


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