Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Escape to the allotment

For the third night this week I have escaped to the allotment after tea and it is so lovely. There really is nowhere that I would rather be on a glorious evening in May.

On Monday this whole area was covered in weeds and waist high nettles. My lupins (now in their 2nd year and truly established) have room to breathe and flower and I have a lovely view of the river.

If the weather continues to be warm and sunny, then these lupin spikes will flower and I will just be so happy. Lupins are truly majestic and I do love them especially because I grew these ones myself from seed.

I have finally replaced the strawberry patch that Charlie destroyed the first year we had an allotment. As a toddler he picked strawberries by pulling out the whole plant, eating the ripe strawberries and then pulling the plant apart. He has learned a lot about strawberries since then and even knows which ones are strawberry plants just by the leaves. I did love him, when in the middle of winter, he wanted to go out to the garden to get strawberries for his pancakes.

I do hope these ones are ready for half term so I can take the children to pick them and eat them.

Not quite Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal material, but pretty none the less and no longer entirely covered in weeds.

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  1. It looks blissful! Forget Chelsea, give me a simple meadow of daisies anyday.I'm not able to garden anymore and do miss it so - it's a vicarious pleasure reading about someone else doing it!

    1. I think I would go mad if I didn't garden, I am out pottering around everyday and from now until November I have fresh flowers that I pick and fill the house with. Do you live near Canterbury.

  2. What a lovely garden! I love starting perennials from seed. It's so satisfying to see them grow and know you were the one that made them :)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I love all of my flowers especially if I have grown them from seed


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